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Gomultimodal has expanded her team!

Gomultimodal GmbH is delighted to introduce our newest staff member. With Dr. Arnošt Bartošek we continue to develop our professional skills in the fields of science and practice. On board since August 2016 as project manager, Dr. Bartošek is entrusted with international projects and market analysis of the seaport hinterland traffic.

With Arnošt Bartošek, we welcome aboard a graduated expert in intermodal transportation.

Trained at the Technical Universities of Berlin and Prague (CZE), the main focus of his work is rail freight transport and intermodal transport road/rail.

He gained professional experience particularly within terminal operation in optimizing the handling systems and storage areas, the development of optimal schedules/ vehicle control systems within a terminal, and research on the flow of goods on the main transport corridors in Central Europe, among others at Czech Railways, Prague (CZE).

From practice – for practice!

Since 2013, Gomultimodal is a continuously growing consultancy focusing on intermodal transport.

We employ and cooperate with numerous experts in the fields of consultancy, sales, project management, marketing, and administrative law with an emphasis on transportation and logistics.

We have expanded our team of experts and are now considered an international and highly interdisciplinary company with various language skills and expertise.

Convince yourself of our wide range of competences and arrange an appointment!



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The RailRunner®-System: Flexible, economic, environmentally friendly and quiet

Reduction of railway noise on high-traffic routes

Construction measures like noise barriers or tunnels can only be applied locally. Though, if noise is fought at its source – the train itself – noise dies down generally where a modern train system replaces an older one.

After certification of the US-tested technology in Europe, RailRunner® can actively help residents in the Middle Rhine Valley with a future-oriented system to improve their home comfort.

The System

RailRunner® is a system for combined transport in which HGV trailers are coupled directly onto a train, using special bogies with pneumatic suspension, and not as previously loaded onto pocket wagons. It has decisive advantages over wagon-based approaches with regard to capital-investment and running costs, flexibility, energy saving and, last but not least – through its pioneering design construction – low noise emissions.

Why RailRunner is quieter

RailRunner® bogies have self-steering axis, pneumatic suspension and shock absorbers. By this means the friction forces between wheel and line, and thus the noise which they emit, is reduced, particularly on curves. In addition, a disc brake ensures that the running surface of the wheel is not abrased through braking and thus is always optimally smooth. Noise reduction on smooth rails (regular maintenance/cleaning of the rail surface on the network operator’s part provided) is approximately 15 dB. Even mechanical vibration and secondary airborne noise in its impact on surrounding buildings will be reduced.

Why RailRunner is more economic

Due to its coupling technology, in RailRunner the distances between the units are considerably shorter. This means that on average between 8 and 12 more loading units can be transported in one train; in total, fewer trains need to be run. By abandoning wagons as railway rolling stock, 10 t in weight – and thus traction power – are saved per unit. To this must be added improved aerodynamics because the units lie more closely together in their sequence.

RailRunner® Technology: 
Future orientated and environment friendly

≥20 % Payload
RailRunner® has the lowest tare weight per train: Tare weight per load unit is 9.8 t lower when compared to pocket car or 21.3 t lower than CargoBeamer.

30 % less wear
RailRunner®’s rail bogie has self-steering axis with lower wheel to track friction forces and 30 % less wheel wear and lower wear of rail track.

RailRunner® creates less wind resistance because of the reduced distance between its load units when connected on rail and saves 3–5 % in traction energy.

Air Suspension
RailRunner® bogies are air suspended with lower vertical and horizontal dynamic forces. This reduces vibration and vertical jolts. Further 2–3 % energy is saved.

A RailRunner® train with 49 load units reduces the CO2-emission by 7,000 t per year (compared to trucks) when operating 6 days per week over 1.000 km.

Less Noise
Disc brakes, air suspension and selfsteering axis reduce the noise level by additional 5 dB below today’s standards applicable in 2020.

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Gomultimodal designed campaign „Dreaming of GigaLiner?“ for the RailRunner Europe GmbH

Focus on high-performance and innovative rail technologies

The use of long HGVs currently dominates the debate on transport policy in Europe. Once again the potential high performance of rail, given the stronger haulage and greater utility of modern rail technologies, is drowned out in the discussion.

As part of the project objectives to the successful adaptation of its bimodal RailRunner technology in Europe designed Gomultimodal a campaign entitled

                              "Dreaming of GigaLiner?"

Its aim is to spotlight more strongly the potential of innovative RailRunner technologies in Europe.

At the same time as the campaign is launched, RailRunner Europe's English internet site (www.railrunnereurope.com) will be up and running, which was also developed by Gomultimodal. A sound-free presentation video in seven different European languages (Danish, German, English, French, Polish, Swedish and Spanish) explains and demonstrates the benefits of bimodal technology. Further languages will follow.

We see a pioneering future and ready acceptance particularly in the system's well-developed capacity for collaboration. "Rail-goods traffic in Europe can also reach the flexibility of the HGV with the aid of innovative technologies in combined rail and road transport", says Gerhard Oswald, managing partner of GOMULTIMODAL GmbH.


Dear customers and business partners,

we cordially invite you, to accompany our fair premiere at the transport logistic 2015 in Munich.

You will find us at the joint stand of the gwSaar  

            Hall A5, exhibition stand 313  

            from May 05th to 08th 2015.

As many inland vessels and rails as possible, as many roads as necessary. We inform you about our consulting services, product range and innovations of our associated companies:

  • From analysis to implementation: Think Multimodal GO MULTIMODAL. 
    Be inspired to discuss with us possible ways through to more environmentally friendly and economic transport via inland waterways or rails.

  • Shipping agent Frankenbach’s Rhein- Saar-Mosel Container Express links Saarland in trimodal traffic with the seaports.

  • RailRunner’s bi-modal technology has the potential to help significantly with the future shift of traffic from road to rail. We shall inform you about the current state of development.

  • Rail bridge between Europe and Asia: As a representative for InterRail Logistics, we offer high-performance rail links. 

  • Learn more about the possible applications of the award-winning software RegioGraph within the framework of Geomarketing, e.g. how you can improve sales or discover hidden potentials.

Please, make an appointment or simply drop by – we look forward to your visit.



OMULTIMODAL accompanied Railrunner NA Inc. entering the market in Europe

From analysis to planning; The formation of RailRunner Europe GmbH i.G.‘ in Hamburg officially launched the company‘s implementation of its new innovative rail technology in Europe. 

RailRunner‘s bi-modal system includes several new technical developments, which have been adapted for the European market with the help of the experienced and well-known engineer Wolfgang Graaff. The new elements of the rail bogie design for freight transport include air suspension, articulated axles, hy-draulic damping similar to that used in road transport, disc brakes, forklift pockets and a bogie-integrated ramp as well as locking and securing system for a fast „Drive-on/Drive-off“ train assembly. These innova-tions are expected to increase the acceptance of combined transport of semitrailers and other road vehi-cles in the intermodal market in Europe. 

RailRunner Terminals do not require cranes or reach stackers with heavy infrastructural foundations re-quired by traditional terminals in intermodal transport; RailRunner needs only level-grade tracks, which allow driving road vehicles onto the track for coupling the same with the fast „Drive on/Drive off“ system to a train. Because the system is fully compatible with conventional container terminals, loading or un-loading of chassis in marine or domestic terminals in the ‚Hinterlands‘ can also be carried out with regular equipment and cranes. RailRunner’s simple terminal structure saves up to 80% of total investment cost compared to conventional terminals and train assembly and disassembly operation per semitrailer on average only takes 1.5 minutes for disassembly and 3 minutes for assembly. 

The elimination of railcars in combined transport allows for a major reduction of the distance between the semitrailers in a train and thus enables 20% or more payload units to be transported (48 semi-trailers instead of 40 in a 700 m long train). The RailRunner System also saves considerable weight per load unit and together with the technical advantages of its design, significant environmental and commercial en-hancements can be expected and will increase its competitiveness compared to road as well as to rail transport in the national and trans-European freight markets.

Due to profound market studies and contacts to potential customers, the company now started the certi-fication of its technology based on the latest “Technical Specifications for Interoperability” (TSI) as issued by the European Railway Agency (ERA) in Valenciennes, France. RailRunner expects that the certification process will be completed in 2016 and the company can start with its first pilot operations in 2017.  

RailRunner NA Inc. located in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA (www.railrunner.com) developed a new in-novative generation of bi-modal vehicles as part of a 35-year-old technology operating successfully and reliably in the North America. For 9 years, RailRunner’s products have been certified and have operated flawlessly without any reportable incidents. RailRunner has a licensed partner in India and a subsidiary in South Africa.

GOMULTIMODAL customers gain competitive advantage!  WM GOMULTIMODAL ENG-280x83 s
Germany is the world football champion! GOMULTIMODAL is the official partner of  GfK-GeoMarketing. July was a success for all. Jogi Löw says the secret of success was that the team functioned properly. We can learn from our national team that this position can only be maintained if we work hand in hand. We are celebrating not just the world-championship title, but also our partnership with GfK-GeoMarketing. For us at GOMULTIMODAL, the dominant subjects during June and July were partnership and marketing.
At the annual "Logistics Treads New Paths" conference on 12 June 2014, against a background of alternative transport concepts, some 170 speakers from the political, academic and business worlds discussed major questions of worthwhile traffic relocation and the intelligent use of existing infrastructure. As a premium partner in the Hamburg logistics initiative, this year GOMULTIMODAL was also an in situ exhibitor and held a number of thoroughgoing meetings to discuss the possibilities which GeoMarketing offers to companies. In particular, those attending the conference were able to see a concrete demonstration of the areas in which GfK's RegioGraph software can be applied in logistics.   
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Further, on 3 and 4 July 2014 the Dorint Park Hotel Bremen was the venue for the eighth Bremen Logistics Conference 2014. Organized by the VIA BREMEN Foundation, the focus of the event was on the World Cup host Brazil. Under the general theme of "Game rules – strategy – tactics: football meets logistics", discussion covered such topics as relations with the South American country as a major trading partner of Germany, and particularly of Bremen as a maritime logistics centre. This was the first year in which GOMULTIMODAL appeared as an exhibitor. In its capacity as a partner of GfK - GeoMarketing GmbHGOMULTIMODAL showed how the South American market can be made transparent with the aid of GeoMarketing. Use RegioGraph software, too, by means of which you can visualize maps precise with road and street locations etc. and discover new cross-continental markets. 

So you want to know where your potential is waiting?

We can offer you market data from and for logistics and transport, plus purchasing-power data for specific markets, all in easily-manageable PDF form.

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Just make an appointment and send us an e-mail for the purpose to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us +49 40 2094064940.

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GOMULTIMODAL advises 'ContainerConnect'


'ContainerConnect' – new Aschaffenburg-Mainz inland-waterway service boosts transport connections from and to the seaports


Aschaffenburg / Mainz, 20 January 2014 – Boosting the service for the Rhine-Main region and customers through collaboration. Under this motto, TCA - Trimodales Containerterminal Aschaffenburg GmbH, Frankenbach Container Service GmbH and IGS Intermodal Container Logistics GmbH are joining up to work together. 'ContainerConnect' is the name of the new inland-waterway service between the container terminals of Aschaffenburg am Main (TCA) and Mainz am Rhein (FCT), which are operated jointly by IGS and Frankenbach. Trade and industry in the Rhine-Main area will benefit from the combined power of these joint partners: the ship and rail services operated by the Frankenbach Group to Mainz and the ZARA ports of Zeebrugge, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp, and by IGS from Aschaffenburg to the German seaports of Bremerhaven und Hamburg. Synergies in production will bring the joint partners a better competitive position.


In its launch phase, from February 2014, 'ContainerConnect' will link the container terminals of Aschaffenburg and Mainz, with one return journey a week. In this way in future both terminals will be connected with the ZARA ports and with the German seaports. It is planned to increase the service to two return journeys a week shortly. Trucking and container management will also benefit from the joint venture. This will improve the competitive position of both locations in the Rhine-Main region.   


"There is strong demand for seaport-hinterland transport in the Rhine-Main region, and competition is correspondingly fierce", says Alexander Ochs, in charge of intermodal services at the Bayernhafen Group and managing director of TCA Trimodaler Containerterminal Aschaffenburg GmbH. "If you can offer trimodality, regular services and flexible empty-container management, you will score. We can do all this as a result of our collaboration with the Frankenbach Group and IGS. 'ContainerConnect' will provide a cross-link between the two container terminals in Aschaffenburg and Mainz and the two powerful ship and rail operators, Frankenbach Group and IGS."  


"Through 'ContainerConnect' we shall link the two major German terminals at Aschaffenburg and Mainz with the existing routes to and from the German and ZARA seaports. In this way, as a result of our collaboration with the Frankenbach Group, we shall be able to offer our customers a cost-efficient logistics solution with maximum flexibility", says Bernd Trepte, managing director of IGS Intermodal Container Logistics GmbH.


Ernst Frankenbach says of the collaborative venture: "Because our terminal on the Main estuary in Mainz am Rhein is so well positioned, we expect from the collaboration with IGS and TCA, Aschaffenburg, a greater variety of products for firms in trade and industry within the metropolitan Rhine-Main region through an expansion of the seaport connections available, and a further improvement to empty-container management for our customers."

The Frankenbach Group

… operates the Mainz trimodal terminal for maritime and continental transport and is a container-transport operator, whose services link Mainz (among other routes) with the seaports of Zeebrugge, Amsterdam, Rotterdam und Antwerp ("ZARA ports") and with other terminals and locations, by rail, road and waterway. In parallel it runs whole-train services to Rotterdam.


IGS Intermodal Container Logistics GmbH

… is a subsidiary of the IGS Logistics Group, bundling all the Group's container-transport operations. Through its own rail network zigsXpress, which is run in collaboration with Konrad Zippel, services call daily at Germany's most important commercial centers (including Nuremberg, Munich, Regensburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Aschaffenburg and Kornwestheim).


TCA - Trimodales Containerterminal Aschaffenburg GmbH

... is a joint company of Bayernhafen GmbH & Co. KG and CDN Container Depot Nürnberg GmbH, operating the Bayernhafen trimodal terminal of Aschaffenburg for maritime and continental transport services. TCA supplies full and empty depot services, trucking and agency services, customs handling, and development of barge services. The trimodal handling facility for combined transport links rail, road and inland waterway and has a handling capacity of 50,000 TEUs a year. Since June 2012 a direct train links four times weekly IGS Intermodal Container Logistics and the seaports of Hamburg und Bremerhaven with the TCA container terminal in Aschaffenburg, and back to the coast.


The collaborative venture was founded under the auspices of GOMULTIMODALGmbH, Hamburg.


Foto ContainerConnect Kooperationspartner 




With the slogan Think Multimodal –
GOMULTIMODAL, our company was successfully launched in Hamburg on 1 June2013.

TodayGOMULTIMODAL is working for such companies as Buss Port Logistics GmbH & Co. KG of Hamburg, Ernst Frankenbach Spedition GmbH of Mainz and JadeWeserPort Logistics Zone GmbH & Co. KG of Wilhelmshaven.

In the last few days, the Süderelbe AG has awarded GOMULTIMODAL inside the framework of the location development plan "stade project 2021" the contract for the subproject "intermodal business plan development and sales support“. This is one more vote of confidence in the product portfolio and the performance of GOMULTIMODAL GmbH.

Since October 2013 GOMULTIMODAL has been the sales and marketing partner of GfK-GeoMarketing GmbH of Bruchsal, a subsidiary of the international market-research company GfK - Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung. Find out more at http://www.gomultimodal.com/page/index.php/geomarketing-en.

Our team has been joined by Christine Bosse, who has been working for us since 1 August 2013 as a team assistant for GOMULTIMODAL. She studied industrial economics with the focus on logistics and information sciences at Bremerhaven Polytechnic, graduating at the start of the year with an examination thesis in logistics. We wish Ms. Bosse every success in her new job. Ms. Bosse will be available to answer any questions you may have.

In January 2014, as a result of the successful development which our company is undergoing, we shall be moving, earlier than planned, to larger offices at Eiffestrasse 78, 20537 Hamburg.


Find out more about our memberships at the GOMULTIMODAL Webpage:

Towards the Sun with the traditional sailing ship Franzius 

The time has come once again. There is a new tour plan 2014 of the Bremer Weserkan and there are still free places available: 

Tour plan Franzius-Weserkan 

Best of all, book directly by telephone: + 49 421 257 68 30, fax: + 49 421 257 68 31,
mobile: + 49 151 18 45 38 45 or e-mail:
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More informations at http://www.franzius-weserkahn.de



Entry in Commercial Register

On 20 June 2013 GOMULTIMODAL GmbH was entered in Commercial Register B at Hamburg District Court under Number 127918

The purposes of the company are:

•    Supply of consulting services
•    Representation of third parties
•    Staff recruitment and staff qualification
•    Supply of services connected with the carriage of intermodal transport units
     (ITUs) by road, rail and internal waterways, or via short sea

•    Corporate shareholdings

Membership of associations

With effect from 1 July 2013 GOMULTIMODAL GmbH will be a member of

•    The German Transport Forum (Deutsches Verkehr Forum e.V.), Berlin and
•    Port of Hamburg Marketing (Hamburg Hafen Marketing e.V.).

Sail on the Franzius, a traditional sailing ship

Enjoy the calm and feel the wind under sail, or discover with your family the unique features of the Wadden Sea on a Wadden Sea safari. 

New dates in 2014. More at www.bremer-weserkahn-franzius-ev.de or, best of all, book directly by telephone: + 49 421 257 68 30, fax: + 49 421 257 68 31, mobile: + 49 151 18 45 38 45, 
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Gerhard Oswald founds GOMULTIMODAL

We join hands: competence in logistics and intermodal transport.

On 01 June 2013 we start our company under the slogan:

 Think Multimodal GOMULTIMODAL

As much freight traffic on railways and waterways as possible; as little transport distance on roads as necessary.

Join us and challenge us. We are looking forward to working with you.

Wolfgang Osond                    Gerhard Oswald


Meet GOMULTIMODAL at transport logistic in Munich, Germany
From 04 to 07 June, 2013 the international leading fair for logistics takes again place in Munich. Of course, we won't miss this important event as we are looking forward to seeing many new innovations and to having stimulating conversations.

We would be glad to meet you in person to fully explain all of our services. If you wish to make an appointment with us, just send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.