One-stop service

Your strategic goal is our commitment. We shall bring our expert knowledge to help and assist you in cost, process, and profitability analyses and to show you alternative forms of action. We shall support you in formulating purchasing, marketing and sales strategies and schemes to realize them. Our professional expertise shows its particular strength when putting concepts into practice, a process which we can also take full and responsible charge of.


Our consulting services:

• cost and profitability analyses for road, rail, and barge
• developing purchasing, marketing and sales strategies
• developing alternative transport concepts  
• drawing up realization schemes
• supporting customer-relationship management (CRM)
• freight-transport-potential analyses, traffic-stream analyses
• market and customer surveys through application of dialog marketing
• drawing up risk-profile analyses
• designing price offers and tenders
• drawing up specifications for fulfillment by service providers responding to requests for tender
• drawing up offers for service providers pursuant to requests for tender
• selection of service providers
• putting intermodal transport concepts into practice
• setting up process-management systems
• and much more

Think Multimodal - GOMULTIMODAL